The ProfKompas Project

Everyone is faced with the dilemma of how to choose the correct profession. Each is on its way: someone’s profession chosen by parents (especially dynastic specialties), someone from an early age knows what he wants and what will become someone goes to study “just for fun”.

How do we make the choice of profession?
But there is a category of people who consciously approach to the selection of his lifework . They relate their desires with their capabilities, and most importantly, with the inclinations and instincts. It’s enough to turn to an experienced or a psychologist who will help to make professiogram and make recommendations as to which profession suits you more, or yourself to take special tests for career guidance.
What the methods of determining the propensity of a particular profession are?
There are lot of tests and computer programs that will help you determine what kind of job will be better for you.

That future profession will not disappoint us, we must first correctly answer not for a question “What do you want to be?”, but “Whom are you able to become?”.
For this reason in large companies are recruiting managers.
They hardly employ for a work the person with excellent diploma, but which in fact will not be able to fulfill their responsibilities, if he does not have this any personal or professional data. And to find out, they tend to not only interview the applicant , but also offer them to fill out several tests.
So, before you give the answer to the question of how to choose a profession, career guidance test is better to pass. So you will save time and money on training and retraining, and will not be disappointed in the chosen specialty.
Psychological techniques to determine their abilities and, consequently, their application areas for many: “Differential diagnosticheky questionnaire”, “Map of interests” method of L. A. Yovayshi, a questionnaire to determine the professional readiness , “career anchors”, “Professional intentions”, “Purpose – Medium – Result”, “Labyrinth professions” and many others. All of them can be found in specialized psychological literature or on the Internet.
In addition to the definition of career guidance tests exist to determine the method of psycho personality, which allows you to define the set of personal qualities and in accordance with them to determine what area a person can achieve maximum success and satisfaction from their chosen profession.
Some prefer to turn to horoscopes, since zodiac sign also affects the quality of each of us and, therefore, the choice of profession. And if some characters have a predisposition to some professions, the others do and can not be.
Definition of career counseling. How make it?
If you are at a stage in your life when you need to be determined with the future profession, here are some recommendations on how to choose a profession.
1. Write down those professions that are most interesting to you.
2. Make this new list . It make only those to which you have the ability, and the inclination and talent.
3. Write what requirements must comply with your ideal profession and to evaluate the significance of each.
4. In its list of select only those that meet your requirements written.
5. Analyze which of the remaining occupations most suitable for you.
6. To make sure that you are right, discuss their choices with parents, psychologist or profkonsultanom
If you were able to correctly identify the vocational guidance, then all you have to choose the university and successfully pass the exams.

If you are seriously approach the choice of his profession, then your chances of a successful career will increase many times over.